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Next up… Yellowstone!

7 year old Heidi and a lovely geyser in the summer of 1991

It’s been 29 years… but I’m finally going back to Yellowstone!!!

You’d think living in Wyoming, I would’ve been to Yellowstone more than once.  But people forget how large our state really is – I’m about seven hours and 400 miles away from the park, so it’s not just a weekend bop over to the park.  And we also tend to balk at the idea of tourists, which is another whole discussion.

Subpar Parks is an amazing website of one star reviews of national parks. This is Yellowstone’s entry.

I was suppose to be racing Pierre’s Hole 100 mountain bike race, which is what brought me near the area.  The race was cancelled, so I extended my trip plans to a big adventure with lots of camping and hiking and all the geothermal awesomeness I can find.  Which, can I say… planning a trip to Yellowstone feels harder than visiting Iceland?!  I was really clueless on what there was even to see, especially off the beaten path

*cue my obsessive research*

Needless to say, I’m pretty excited, and can’t wait to share my adventures and photos!



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