Future Trips, Plans, & Dreams

Dumping spot for all the places and trips I eventually want to take. Some will be happening soon, some not for a few years, and others might just be a dream!

Currently Planning:

  • Rocky Mountain National Park Backpacking Trips (permits secured!)
    • Glacier Gorge x1 night
    • North Fork Area
      • Lost Lake (x2 nights)
    • Wild Basin
      • Siskan (x2 nights)
    • Lawn Lake area
      • Golden Banner (x2 nights)
  • 40th Birthday Trip
    • Haven’t really firmed up these plans since it is far away, but thinking a big loop to see
      • Timpanogos Cave National Monument
      • Great Basin National Park
      • Cathedral Gorge State Park
      • Cedar Breaks National Monument
      • If commercial boat tours have resumed, Rainbow Bridge National Monument
      • If boat routs have not resumed, maybe Goblin Valley State Park

2023 Bucket List:

  • Mount Meeker via the Iron Gates route
  • Kings Peak (UT high point)
  • Mount Elbert (CO high point)
  • Mount Sniktau

The Big Bucket List:

  • U.S. NPS Unit Quest
    • There are 424 established NPS units… I’ve been to 62 so far!
  • Wyoming things
    • Periodic Spring
    • Kirwin
    • Castle Gardens
    • Wild Horse Scenic Loop
    • Ayres Bridge
    • Cloud Peak
    • Fremont Peak
    • Browns Peak
    • Gannett Peak
  • U.S. Sites
    • Salem, MA
    • Utqiaġvik, AK
    • My casual Colorado 14er quest (not sure I really care to finish them all)
    • Mount Rainier
    • Mount Shasta
    • Mount Adams (0 for 1… or as I like to say, I’ve done half of it!)
    • Mountains and waterfalls in the White Mountains of New Hampshire
  • International
    • Always Iceland… third trip I want to extensively cover the highlands and then hang out in the Westfjords
    • National parks in the Canadian Rockies
    • Newfoundland Labrador
    • Faroe Islands