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img_4924.jpgHi, world!

I’m Heidi, a born, raised, and still-a-livin’ in Wyoming gal.  I grew up in a small mountain town of 100 residents where I was turned loose in the Wyoming nature to play and explore.  With no computer, video games, and barely enough TV reception to get one channel, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to grow up!

I describe myself as a recovering competitive cyclist who discovered that there’s a lot more to life than racing a bicycle, and that I need a whole separate blog to talk about it!  The idea for this blog was born out of a big, nineteen day road trip in Iceland in 2018, which I realized didn’t really fit the theme of my other blog, Heidi Rides Bikes.  And… well… I do a lot more in life than just riding bikes!

About me… I love cats (a lot).  I want to pet all the cats in the world!  I’m downright obsessed with Iceland (I’ve been twice with a combined travel time of one month).  Raspberries and cucumbers are my favorite food, and my Subaru Forester (Mr. Fozzy) is one of my best friends and biggest adventure buddy.  

I do not blog in the typical travel blog sense.  I write about the real adventures (and misadventures) that occur, sprinkled with a lot of random geology and scientific facts.  I can post an extreme amount of photos, especially if I’m super excited about what I photographed, such as geothermal springs and moss.  I will not write about something I haven’t done or experienced, even if it leaves my post about Yellowstone campgrounds incomplete. 

Back in the day I photographed professionally in the automotive racing scene, so I’m use to lugging around cameras and always having one in front of my face.  Most of my adventures end up being photographed by the camera I have in my pocket, which is currently an iPhone 14 Pro.  When I am feeling up for lugging a seven pound set up, my main tools of the trade these are a Nikon D500 DLSR and  Nikkor 18-200mm lens (the perfect do-it-all for travel).  

So welcome to my shenanigans!  Please poke around, leave a comment, or shoot me an email using the “Contact” link on the top of the page.

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