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The 50th Earth Day


Today is the 50th Earth Day, and what a wonderful place Earth is!  But my heart aches for the suffering our planet – our home – is enduring.  As anthropogenic climate change warms our oceans, melts our glaciers, endangers countless habitats, and brings more severe weather, it can make me feel helpless.  The contiguous U.S. has even warmed 2.4 degrees Fahrenheit since the first Earth Day in 1970.  But during these crazy pandemic times we have seen skies clear, animals return, and nature begin to heal, and is a good reminder how small actions can make a change.

Switch to shampoo bars, start composting, vow to bike commute a couple times a month, partner with organizations that plant trees to offset carbon emissions from your international travel (Icelandair and Blue Car Rental both do this!), give up straws, foster respect and love for nature in your children.  Sometimes we get caught up in the huge picture we forget the little things we all can do that really add up.  However, I believe a love for the planet really comes when you spend time among its mountains, forests, oceans, deserts, and glaciers.

Spend time outdoors, with nature.  Realize we have so much to lose, and not much to gain continuing on our destructive path.  Remember, there is no Planet B.







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