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Next up… Yellowstone!

It's been 29 years... but I'm finally going back to Yellowstone!!! You'd think living in Wyoming, I would've been to Yellowstone more than once.  But people forget how large our state really is - I'm about seven hours and 400 miles away from the park, so it's not just a weekend bop over to the… Continue reading Next up… Yellowstone!

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Hiking Medicine Bow Peak

I've been up and down Medicine Bow Peak eight times since I was eight years old.  Needless to say, it is my favorite place in the whole world. Medicine Bow Peak is the prominent peak of the Snowy Range mountains in southeastern Wyoming, and rises to an elevation of 12,018 feet (it was 12,013 for… Continue reading Hiking Medicine Bow Peak

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The 50th Earth Day

Today is the 50th Earth Day, and what a wonderful place Earth is!  But my heart aches for the suffering our planet - our home - is enduring.  As anthropogenic climate change warms our oceans, melts our glaciers, endangers countless habitats, and brings more severe weather, it can make me feel helpless.  The contiguous U.S.… Continue reading The 50th Earth Day

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On the Waterfall Hunt in New Hampshire’s White Mountains

I'm endlessly chasing waterfalls, so naturally when Kubo and I arrived in New Hampshire this past September, we were giddy to learn there were many waterfalls for us to try to catch! We were based in Conway, which is in the White Mountains.  Luckily there is no lack of information on the waterfalls in the… Continue reading On the Waterfall Hunt in New Hampshire’s White Mountains

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48 Hours of Québec

It was pretty simple:  there's no way we could go to New Hampshire and Vermont and NOT go into Canada.  Neither Kubo nor I have been anywhere in Canada, and this was the perfect chance to do it relatively easy.  Like most of our plans, a simple idea of just visiting for a few hours… Continue reading 48 Hours of Québec