United States, Wyoming

Planning the next adventure…

Most of 2020 is filled with scenes like this… empty gravel roads under brilliant Wyoming skies

It goes without saying 2020 has turned into a year we’ve all been blindsided by.
As a public health employee with a background in infectious disease, my entire adult life has been studying and preparing for pandemics, but it was still weird to suddenly find myself as part of one.

Needless to say, life halted.  My extensive calendar of work travel disappeared seemingly overnight, and I began working from home with my beloved cat, Sammie.  My bike race season went poof (or got rescheduled for the fall months).  My adventures turned into long bike rides from my house, which actually ended being awesome, as I discovered new roads and routes in my own local area.

As restrictions are easing, I can’t say I’m rushing to plan a huge travel adventure with planes and passports.  Instead I’m turning my sights on visiting Yellowstone National Park for the first time in 30 years this summer!  It’s funny, as I find planning trips to Iceland much easier than Yellowstone, which I feel like I know nothing about even though it is in my home state (though I probably avoid Yellowstone like many Icelanders avoid the Golden Circle… tourist hoards, so not surprising I haven’t paid much attention to what there is to do there).  I jumped on making camping reservations for four nights, but other than that, I have my research cut out for me.  Other than that, I want to take some micro adventures around own area.  So here’s to making the best lemonade out of 2020!

I did pedal up Snowy Range Pass to catch a peek of the June snowy scenes!

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