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On Top of… Nebraska!

The highest cartwheel in Nebraska on December 18, 2021 On this episode of "Heidi stumbles into a random Saturday adventure..." we visit the highest peak in Nebraska! Okayyyy, "peak" may be overkill. Also, I've known about Panorama Point for awhile, and always planned on doing a 120 mile bike ride out there sometime from Cheyenne.… Continue reading On Top of… Nebraska!

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Colorado Hiked: Loch Vale and Mills Lake Winter Hike

I just had to get away. But where could I go? I'm always at Vedauwoo, and I kind of hate hiking on trails I normally mountain bike on. Hmmm... and then it popped onto my Facebook newsfeed somehow, and I realized Rocky Mountain National Park was also not having a winter just like the rest… Continue reading Colorado Hiked: Loch Vale and Mills Lake Winter Hike

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Wyoming Hiked: Turtle Rock Loop

This way to adventure! What is an outdoorsy girl to do when its in the low 30's, windy, and spitting snow? Hike, of course! It has been many years since I've done the Turtle Rock Loop at Vedauwoo, a spectacular place in the eastern Medicine Bow National Forest between Laramie and Cheyenne. I arrived to… Continue reading Wyoming Hiked: Turtle Rock Loop

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Wyoming Explored: Curt Gowdy State Park Hidden Falls – Winter Version

One of the more popular hikes in southeastern Wyoming, the ~4 mile hike to Hidden Falls in Curt Gowdy State Park is great all year around. However, in the summer (even more so since COVID19 hit) it is CROWDED. I much prefer solitude, so Hidden Falls in the winter months are my go-to for waterfall… Continue reading Wyoming Explored: Curt Gowdy State Park Hidden Falls – Winter Version

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Wyoming Explored: Pole Mountain Camping

Sometimes you just have to get away, even if it's just close to home and a quick trip to enjoy the longest day of the year on the Summer Solstice. This past spring REI put a lot of their tents on sale, so I pulled the plug and got myself a new tent, the Half… Continue reading Wyoming Explored: Pole Mountain Camping