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Wyoming Hiked: Gap & Shelf Lakes

I can't say I've really explored this late in the year in the Snowy Range! Wanting to kick off my 39th birthday with some sort of hike, though being a day late, I headed up early to Lewis Lake Trailhead. Today I would explore a new-to-me trail to Shelf Lakes. This trail spurs off of… Continue reading Wyoming Hiked: Gap & Shelf Lakes

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Wyoming Hiked: Bridle Trail

I love after a day of meetings and work obligations being able to get outside somehow. Not all the places I am for work are great for it, but thankfully Casper is! Casper is Wyoming's second largest city, and sits on the northern side of Casper Mountain, a large mountain that stretches west-to-east. Casper Mountain… Continue reading Wyoming Hiked: Bridle Trail

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Wyoming Hiked: Roundtop Mountain and T Hill in Thermopolis

Thermopolis is one of my favorite little spots to layover during travel I have to do around Wyoming. This small town is home to Hot Springs State Park, a great place to explore travertine terraces up close, take a soak in thermal mineral waters, and hike in unique scenery. This trip through Thermopolis I decided… Continue reading Wyoming Hiked: Roundtop Mountain and T Hill in Thermopolis

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Wyoming Hiked: Laramie Peak

Laramie Peak “is, at this day, covered with snow, which glitters in the sunshine like a diamond in the dark,” emigrant Dan Gelwicks writes in his diary - May 28, 1849. Treating emigrants to a view of its 10,275 foot summit for over a week as they made their way from western Nebraska into Wyoming,… Continue reading Wyoming Hiked: Laramie Peak

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Wyoming Hiked: Turtle Rock Loop

This way to adventure! What is an outdoorsy girl to do when its in the low 30's, windy, and spitting snow? Hike, of course! It has been many years since I've done the Turtle Rock Loop at Vedauwoo, a spectacular place in the eastern Medicine Bow National Forest between Laramie and Cheyenne. I arrived to… Continue reading Wyoming Hiked: Turtle Rock Loop