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Colorado Hiked: Hewlett Gulch

2023 is apparently flying by, and my winter hiking plans are slowly fading into spring hiking plans. Wanting to get some solid miles back in my legs (backpacking season will be here before I know it!), I debated where to go. Weighing a desire to sleep in a bit with my mileage goal, I settled… Continue reading Colorado Hiked: Hewlett Gulch

Activities, Colorado, Hiking, United States

Colorado Hiked: Greyrock Mountain

Sometimes the mountain does not have to be 14,000 feet for the hike to be awesome! I mean, that should go without saying... but in Colorado, there is an unofficial obsession with the 14ers that really overshadow other hikes. While I like climbing 14ers (in a form of Type 2 fun once I'm back to… Continue reading Colorado Hiked: Greyrock Mountain