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Next up… Yellowstone!

It's been 29 years... but I'm finally going back to Yellowstone!!! You'd think living in Wyoming, I would've been to Yellowstone more than once.  But people forget how large our state really is - I'm about seven hours and 400 miles away from the park, so it's not just a weekend bop over to the… Continue reading Next up… Yellowstone!

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Hiking Medicine Bow Peak

I've been up and down Medicine Bow Peak eight times since I was eight years old.  Needless to say, it is my favorite place in the whole world. Medicine Bow Peak is the prominent peak of the Snowy Range mountains in southeastern Wyoming, and rises to an elevation of 12,018 feet (it was 12,013 for… Continue reading Hiking Medicine Bow Peak

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Wyoming Explored: Como Bluff & Fossil Cabin

Wyoming Explored -  my new blog series on unique things to see and do in Wyoming, which is my home.  This is inspired partially by me wanting to see things I haven't in 30+ years, and by the recent COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to me focusing on adventuring closer to home. I love dinosaurs,… Continue reading Wyoming Explored: Como Bluff & Fossil Cabin

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Iceland 8-Day Winter Itinerary

In December 2019 I traveled to Iceland for the second time.  Though I've blogged each day separately, I've decided to compile more of the practical details (stops, restaurants, accommodations, tours, etc) into one post to share with anyone else who is planning a winter (specifically, New Year's Day-centered) trip to Iceland!  Blog posts were the… Continue reading Iceland 8-Day Winter Itinerary

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Finding Myself at 65°N – The Solo Icelandic Winter Adventure Day 8: Riding Off Into The Sunrise

Day 8 - January 3, 2020 All good things eventually come to the end, and so the end began for my week in Iceland.  Though sad, I wasn't devastated like I was during my first trip to be heading home.  A severe storm was rolling in the next day, and "do not travel" advisories were… Continue reading Finding Myself at 65°N – The Solo Icelandic Winter Adventure Day 8: Riding Off Into The Sunrise