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Colorado Hiked: Twin Sisters Peaks

I am a bit of a planner, what can I say? After fretting over for the past week, I was really at a loss of what to do when the weekend neared. The ridiculously windy spring had continued in northern Colorado and southern Wyoming. Needing a final training hike to "cram prepare" for Mount… Continue reading Colorado Hiked: Twin Sisters Peaks

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Colorado Hiked: Crosier Mountain

"The weather sucks, let's hike" I told my very best bicycle friend, Tom, in a text message. With a ridiculously windy spring shaping up in Colorado and Wyoming, I was seeking out other ways to stay active, and most importantly, to still get outdoors despite the daily hurricanes that were occurring. Tom, being new to… Continue reading Colorado Hiked: Crosier Mountain

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Colorado Hiked: Bent Rock Trail

The first day of spring was upon me! After doing a big bike ride the day before, I decided it would be a good day for a hike. I have a big adventure coming up, and this would be a good warm up hike and test of my severely sprained ankle that I have been… Continue reading Colorado Hiked: Bent Rock Trail