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Washington Hiked: Mount Rose

Lemonade out of lemons... or because my brain is wonky, lemons out of lemonade as I kept saying. With weather that had moved in, the Mount Saint Helens climb was called off (I mean, it dropped like 38" of snow... we weren't being wimpy, we were being smart!). Eric and Jen debated which mountain we… Continue reading Washington Hiked: Mount Rose

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Colorado Hiked: Twin Sisters Peaks

I am a bit of a planner, what can I say? After fretting over mountain-forecast.com for the past week, I was really at a loss of what to do when the weekend neared. The ridiculously windy spring had continued in northern Colorado and southern Wyoming. Needing a final training hike to "cram prepare" for Mount… Continue reading Colorado Hiked: Twin Sisters Peaks

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Colorado Hiked: Crosier Mountain

"The weather sucks, let's hike" I told my very best bicycle friend, Tom, in a text message. With a ridiculously windy spring shaping up in Colorado and Wyoming, I was seeking out other ways to stay active, and most importantly, to still get outdoors despite the daily hurricanes that were occurring. Tom, being new to… Continue reading Colorado Hiked: Crosier Mountain

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Colorado Hiked: Bent Rock Trail

The first day of spring was upon me! After doing a big bike ride the day before, I decided it would be a good day for a hike. I have a big adventure coming up, and this would be a good warm up hike and test of my severely sprained ankle that I have been… Continue reading Colorado Hiked: Bent Rock Trail

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A Presidential Adventure – Part 1: Waterfalls & Movie Rentals

Another three day weekend, another flight to Portland booked! A flight that landed at 12:20am, but a flight nonetheless (even better since it was $80). This rendition of three-day-weekend-PNW-adventures would be centered around backpacking in Crater Lake National Park over President's Day weekend in February - new national park for me, and my first time… Continue reading A Presidential Adventure – Part 1: Waterfalls & Movie Rentals