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Adventuring in Wyoming: Como Bluff & Fossil Cabin

Adventuring in Wyoming -  my new blog series on unique things to see and do in Wyoming, which is my home.  This is inspired partially by me wanting to see things I haven't in 30+ years, and by the recent COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to me focusing on adventuring closer to home. I love… Continue reading Adventuring in Wyoming: Como Bluff & Fossil Cabin

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Planning the next adventure…

It goes without saying 2020 has turned into a year we've all been blindsided by. As a public health employee with a background in infectious disease, my entire adult life has been studying and preparing for pandemics, but it was still weird to suddenly find myself as part of one. Needless to say, life halted. … Continue reading Planning the next adventure…

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Iceland 8-Day Winter Itinerary

In December 2019 I traveled to Iceland for the second time.  Though I've blogged each day separately, I've decided to compile more of the practical details (stops, restaurants, accommodations, tours, etc) into one post to share with anyone else who is planning a winter (specifically, New Year's Day-centered) trip to Iceland!  Blog posts were the… Continue reading Iceland 8-Day Winter Itinerary

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Finding Myself at 65°N – The Solo Icelandic Winter Adventure Day 8: Riding Off Into The Sunrise

Day 8 - January 3, 2020 All good things eventually come to the end, and so the end began for my week in Iceland.  Though sad, I wasn't devastated like I was during my first trip to be heading home.  A severe storm was rolling in the next day, and "do not travel" advisories were… Continue reading Finding Myself at 65°N – The Solo Icelandic Winter Adventure Day 8: Riding Off Into The Sunrise

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The 50th Earth Day

Today is the 50th Earth Day, and what a wonderful place Earth is!  But my heart aches for the suffering our planet - our home - is enduring.  As anthropogenic climate change warms our oceans, melts our glaciers, endangers countless habitats, and brings more severe weather, it can make me feel helpless.  The contiguous U.S.… Continue reading The 50th Earth Day